Midnight Blue – Couture Project

alencon lace blue

Alencon Lace from Sigulda, Latvia

Happy Saturday!

Thank you to everyone that voted for my couture project color.  As voted, the color will be….Midnight Blue (blue-black).  I LOVE this color and pray that the project will come together as I imagined it in my head:)  I already put in the order for my midnight blue Alencon Lace (above).  I can not wait for it to arrive and hopefully it will travel overseas to me safely (a little nervous).

I do have some disappointing news.  When I was confirming with my mother about watching my children while in Couture School, she said she was not able to.  I was slightly disappointed but excited at the same time.  Is that possible?  Of course!  My mother wanted to save her vacation days to help care for my newborn niece joining the world in August.  Who can be disappointed about that?  Surely not I.  I am extremely excited about another new baby joining our family.

Even though I will not be in the class, I will continue my Couture project independently.  It may take a little longer but that is where my focus will be for the next couple of months.  As you may know, there is a lot of hand sewing in couture.

For all those visiting my blog for new tutorials, I hope you will be patient as the goal for the next tutorial will be October 2013.  During the meantime, please feel free to view all the current tutorials on my Youtube Channel by clicking {here}.  The next few posts will be the Couture Project, however, I will open each post with a link directly to my Youtube Channel for those visiting for the Bridal/Groom tutorials.

Also, I came across a video on the making of a Chanel Jacket.  You can see the lengthy tedious process summarized in a few minutes.  Enjoy!

Thank you Everyone!  Hope you join me on my Couture Sewing journey again:)


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