Personal Sewing : Ruffles & Pyramid Trims

I know I mentioned earlier in the year that I would start sewing for myself again.  Since my body finally “settled out” after all these years of childbearing, I thought it would be a good time to start (btw, this is not my couture sewing project).  And o my how much my measurements have changed!!!  I didn’t realize how much my rib cage, waist, and hips could expand — but I’m not complaining, just embracing:)

Above is my inspiration board.  When I first saw the Elie Saab dress (1), I fell in love with it instantly.  It was girly, feminine, and the ruffles and silhouette were just beautiful.  From studying the fabric, I knew it was time intensive to achieve the texture of the dress.  I had two weeks to complete the dress since I used an upcoming Dallas wedding reception as my due date:)  Fortunately, I came across a fabric that gave a SLIGHTLY similar feel if planned, laid out, and cut carefully.  So the gray dress color evolved from this fabric.

5fashion fabric

laying out the direction of the multi-pleated fabric, thread tracing

Originally, I was going to create the ruffles out of chiffon, but imagine the excitement I experienced when I came across some soft ruffled trim.  Yes!  Saved myself some time:)


hand-sewing on the ruffles and cutting the ruffle for the hem

Also, I knew I wanted a touch of edginess to my girly dress.  I was really inspired when I saw Givenchy’s blouse design (2) with all the spiked studs running down the back.  Givenchy’s blouses felt both feminine and edgy.  Although my personality is not that edgy (does tandem sky diving and wanting a motorcycle count as edgy?  lol), but yes, when I found a pyramid trim…I just loved it!

1pyramid trim

hand-sewing the pyramid trim down the center bodice, along the waistline, and my favorite part of the dress…it is hidden in the pockets

So here is the dress completed.  I would say the most challenging part of the dress is playing with the multi-pleated fabric.  Since the fabric had random multi-pleated patterns throughout, it was hard trying to make sure it gave the right directional feel for each part of the dress.  As much as I would have liked the skirt to be less “wrinkled,” I am happy with the outcome knowing the amount of mindful planning that went into it.  And plus, I can confidently walk into the wedding reception knowing that no one had the exact same dress:)


…completed just in time for the event:)  Thank you Ms. Julie H. for taking this photo!

ann tan

Thank you Everyone for visiting!

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10 thoughts on “Personal Sewing : Ruffles & Pyramid Trims

  1. It’s so pretty, Ann! I love seeing your work, both big and small projects! Are we the same size, I have a wedding to attend this weekend?! 😉

    • That’s okay I didn’t get a whole body pic. What I was happy about was I got to see you , Julie, Jen & her family…and of course the Happy Wedded Couple:)….it’s been a long time….

    • Greetings Christina! Thanks for your inquiry. I actually bought a roll of ribbon ruffles so it did not fray along the side. This saved me a lot of time and effort:)

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