Need your input : 2013 Couture Sewing Project


Greetings Everyone!

Hope you are all doing well.  If you have been following me on Pinterest, you know I have been pinning away and preparing for my sewing couture class with Susan Khalje.  Feel free to click (here) to view my Inspiration board.  You may have also noticed that I can get distracted with all the beautiful design details out there.  Excuse the distraction:)  I am extremely excited!  I gathered a few pins for my inspiration and finally did a sketch for my dress (above).  However, I can not finalize the color…and I thought it would be fun if you would help me.  I did narrow the choices down to a few deep rich color tones that I adore.  Although it may not be the correct color name – I labeled it with simple names:)  Keep in mind that I will mostly be wearing this dress to wedding receptions as I really do not get out much;)

Well, I started a poll so you can vote.  The voting poll will be closed Friday July 19, 2013 midnight so please help me out.   I would like to color my sketch and start shopping for the fashion fabrics next week.   I will let you know what the final color will be after all the votes are in.  Thank YOU for your help!

color choices

(1) Blue – Elie Saab (2) Fuschia – Monique Lhuillier (3) Black – Monique Lhuillier (4) Torquoise – Elie Saab

If you would like to improve your sewing skills, I encourage you to take Susan Khalje’s Couture Sewing School.  You can visit her class schedule by clicking (here).  If your schedule does not fit hers, there is an online course “The Couture Dress” through Craftsy you can also take and it is flexible to your schedule.  Since I like the classroom interaction, I highly encourage it:)  It allows me the opportunity to interact with other couture sewing enthusiasts and also with Susan herself.  For the next following weeks and for the month of August, I will take you along with me on my journey of the couture class.  Hope you can join me!

Also, I recently finished a simple dress for myself and will share that with you soon:)  Thanks for visiting!



Online Sewing Class

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