Sneak Peek – Ordinaries for 1920’s inspired veil cap : Happy Father’s Day

ordinaries for veil cap 2

Greetings Everyone!

You may have noticed that I was online a little more this past month.  I posted more on Facebook and got more tutorials out than I usually do in a month.  The reason for this?  My husband was on his short summer break from school so he was able to help with the kids — giving me more time to do what I am passionate about and that is to teach you how to create unique wedding accessories:)  Well, he started his summer session so you will see me scale back to my usual schedule.  We have to tag team as a family this way:)

By the way, Father’s Day is this weekend and I just wanted to wish my husband a Happy Father’s Day.  Watching him interact with our children is always amazing.  He can be stern and loving, tender and playful, and he tells the corniest jokes to make the children (and me) laugh.  He is a bigger influence on our family than he realizes…or maybe he does and that is why he sacrifices so much.  Well, Happy Father’s Day Mr. T!  And Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome Dads out there:)  Please leave a comment below on what you love most about your dad or someone who is a Father figure in your life…would love to hear & read it:)

Above are the “Ordinaries” for the next project which will be a continuation of the 1920’s theme.  Can’t wait to put this all together for you:)  Stay tuned!


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