Guest DIY Bride : Yuet Yu S. from Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Yuet Yu & LK

Yuet Yu & fiance, Lester

Now here is a cute and adorable couple.  The Bride Yuet Yu is a Youtube Friend all the way from Kuala Lampur.  She is very creative and has a soft spot for crafting.  When I saw her work, I knew I had to share:)  A few questions I like to ask the Bride…Enjoy!
Q) What inspired you to diy?  YUET YU: Was doing some research online for wedding ideas… only to find out most wedding stuff can be really expensive. So i got really interested to do some DIY wedding projects so that most of my items are personalized and at the same time i can save on cost and also follow my wedding theme colour.
Q) If you used any of the Youtique Bridal tutorials, which one?  Also, can you give a brief explanation on how you created your accessories? YUET YU: I got really inspired when i saw your you tube videos for the (JOSHUA) Ring bearer pillow and also the (SERENA) flower… I have already made my ring bearer pillow to which i added tassels at all 4 corners of the pillow (1).
When i showed my good friend… she loved my creations so much until i offered to make her personalized ring bearer pillow to suit her theme colour which was tangerine/orange(4). Basically i used the same concept as posted by you but for the ribbon sash… i modified it by adding folds and swarovski crystals and just a diamante brooch as the center piece.  
I have made the {SERENA} flower as my bridal hairpiece (2)… I have just modified it by adding additional satin and tulle to each flower size template.
And the other.. is the hairpiece for my niece (who’s the flower girl)(3). For the flower girl hairpiece, I use two (about 21 inch) wires and twist them up together. Then using my glue gun, I wrap and stick on green ribbon around these 2 twirled wires. Then i make 2 of these green ribbon wrapped wires. I twist these 2 wires together (means 4 wires in total were used)  and loop the small pearl chain in between. Then i glue on the ribbon roses. At the back of the hairpiece, I add about 9 inches of ribbon as decoration.
Yarn wrapped letters(5): 
these are to be placed at the main registration counter where the heart shaped yarn will be attached to the birdcage, while the letters would be arranged as “LK ❤ YY”. The cage would be for the guests to write little notes/ cards and drop them into the cage (6). These yarn wrapped letters are made out of cardboard letters and colored yarn.
Boutonnieres/ Corsages(7):
The roses are all made from ribbons… whereby i follow these 2 tutorials :
The ivory white satin ribbon is 1 and a half inch in width while the peach organza ribbon is 1 inch in width.
I have just glued on pearls at the center of these ribbon roses.
As for the ribbon leave, i follow this link:
These olive green ribbons are 1.5 inch in width.
Then i glue these ribbons flowers and leaves onto metal wires… and i arrange these and tape them up together. Boutonnieres… i add pins at the back of it while the corsages i sew them onto ribbons.

Q) When is your wedding date?  YUET YU: My wedding date is on 31st August this year (2013).
Q) How far in advance did you start diy-ing to insure that you will be complete by your wedding date?  YUET YU: I started doing the DIY wedding items since last year November. So far i have made boutonnieres for the groomsmen, corsages for bridesmaids and family members, ring bearer pillow and yarn wrapped monogram letters for our reception table. Just like you, i am basically in a science stream, working in a healthcare institute… but I have always had a soft spot and huge interest in doing craft work and DIY stuff…. i blame it on me being born a left hander- but now a trained right hander (whom ppl claim to be more artistic 🙂
Q) What is your wedding theme/colors? YUET YU: Our wedding theme colors are of a combination of 2 colors : Peach and Olive green
Q) How did you meet your fiance and what is his name? YUET YU: The first time i met my fiancé, Lester Kong… was when we went white water rafting. We got to know each other through a common friend. It was the first time we met and he sat in the same raft as mine. Our raft was intentionally overturned so that we can all fall off the raft and be washed downstream through the rapids. At that moment… i lost my rubber sandals when i fell off the raft.. and i thought i would have to go home barefooted that day… but to my surprise… he caught both my sandals 🙂  I guess love blossomed from then on ..hehe
What an adorable love story.  Congratulations to Yuet Yu and Lester.  I wish you guys the best of forever!
Everyone, thank YOU for visiting!
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