Status of {THERESA} Part2 : What is to come in March

Greetings Everyone!

I did not get to complete the {THERESA} Bridal Hair Comb Part2 just yet.  For this project, I learned how to insert “picture in picture.”  I am still trying to figure out the sizing for the inserted photo so it will take me a couple more days.  I am definitely more natural behind a sewing machine than I am on imovie…but I am determined to learn:)   Here is a screenshot of what I’m trying to accomplish.  Thanks Jen D for telling me about screenshots! 🙂
learning to insert picture in picture

learning to insert picture in picture…still trying to get the sizing right:)

Well, I did get to finish the pattern for those who would like to get a head start.  It may be a little hard to understand since it was written to follow the video tutorial.  However, if you are determined to decipher it, you can click {here} for the {THERESA} Part2 Daisy Flower Pattern.  It is scanned directly from my sketchbook so it is my original hand drawing:)   Thank you in advance for being patient!

theresa pattern book with watermark

Also, I think I shared a lot about myself this past February.  So enough about my life, I have awesome projects from a few Brides and guests around the world who used the tutorials I posted.  So March will be a month of sharing and I’m really excited.  I know  you guys will be inspired:)

Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Status of {THERESA} Part2 : What is to come in March

  1. Wonderful, Ann! I love how you still call me Jen D. lol 🙂 ❤ Can't wait to get married so I can use all of your techniques and inspiration!

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