A Little Personal Story : The Youth are the Future


Photo Courtesy of Bao Loi, a young adult leader:)
speaking to the Youth about unique “Gifts & Talents.” I got to share about my passion for Bridal Fashion & DIY Tutorials:)

Greetings Everyone!

This is just a little personal story…..

Last weekend I co-hosted a small intimate Baby Shower for my awesome sister.  Yes!  I am a proud Aunt to nephew number 2:)  Well, we had many lovely conversations, but somehow in one of the conversation, my sister mentioned that I use to be a rebellious teenager.  Some of the responses among her friends were…”I can’t imagine Ann….”,  “Really?”,  “I can’t see that…”, and then the conversation led to stories of the things I use to do.  I guess the few that knew me in my younger days could see the possibility:)  But anyway, yes, I use to be a rebellious teenager.  I would like to think I was experiencing your typical teenage angst — trying to figure out where I belong in this world and thinking I was an ALL-KNOWING adult when I turned 16.

As mentioned in my post “Growing Old with My Valentine”, I am not a perfect person.  I made many many many mistakes along the way and gave my parents so much heartache.  However, I am still proud of the fact I can say “I said no to drugs” and somehow graduated top 10% of my high school class (yes, hanging on to something positive:)

Yes Ladies, I changed a lot.  Because of my parents’ PATIENCE, prayers, and love…I snapped out of lala land and grew up.  Also, I returned back to my faith after college and realized how PATIENT God was with me.  Well, after joining the work force, I found that I wanted to do something more meaningful with my life.  I started volunteering and worked with the teenagers in my community.  I saw so much of my teenage self in them.  Although we do not have the same life or some of the same life challenges, I saw so much HOPE in them.  I ended up volunteering 10+ years until I had my own children.

I dearly love the youth.  They have so much to give and so much to offer.  If somehow guided with tenderness, love, and PATIENCE…the Youth (as a whole) can change the world for the better.

Although I do not have the time to volunteer like I use to, I still get invited to come and be a speaker once in a while.  So, if at all possible, I invite you to join me and keep the Youth in your thoughts and/or prayers…and then be PATIENT:)  The world is going to change because of them.  They are our future.

Well, I hope this explains why you see teens at the end of my {CLARE} tutorial at 4:34 seconds, or why I got teary-eyed when I wrote my posts “{LIAM } Tutorial – Flowers for Wendy” and “Jennifer+Jesse Wedding Gown Restyle“.  Yes, the teens and young adults hold a soft spot in my heart:)

Well, God Bless and Thank you for reading!


ps.  Please click {here} to see more photos from a very young and talented portraits and people photographer – Bao Loi

pss. Part 2 of the {THERESA} tutorial will be coming out soon:)


5 thoughts on “A Little Personal Story : The Youth are the Future

    • OMG Lindy!?!? Are you one of my teens?…I remember you! You always had that cute smile and such a thoughtful person. I hope you are doing well and please let me know what you are up to:) And if you are not the LIndy I’m thinking of…sorry! Thank you for visiting!

      • Yes! =D So glad you remembered me! Just schooling, working, and WEDDING PLANNING! I love your blog! It just touches me because I love crafting! I’m just excited that all is well with you and you’re able to share your knowledge with everyone. =)

  1. Wow! My memory is coming back…I remember you sewing me a little pouch. O, you had such an angelic smile:) This was back at Notre Dame and that was over 10 years ago! You are still a little girl in my head…and you are wedding planning now? How time flies! Well, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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