{THERESA} Beaded Floral Hair Comb : DIY Tutorial Part1 of 2

DIY logo beaded spray

Greetings Everyone!

I do realize I am a day late on getting this tutorial out.  However, I didn’t realize how long the process and editing would take for this video.  A challenge I faced was planning out the bead pattern and making this as easy as possible for you to understand and learn.  I decided to divide the {THERESA} Bridal Hair comb into two tutorials.  After many hours and days of editing and revising, I decided to say a quick prayer and just upload the video:)

Well, I am so excited!  This is the first tutorial I have added background music to.  And yes, I had to learn how to edit music as well — never did that before:)  Thank you so much to the talented Ms. Alisiya Lyahova for granting me permission to use her piano piece she wrote, February Shadow.  Thank you Alisiya!

I am actually proud of myself for all the new things I learned to do and all the challenges I overcame for this tutorial.  I think I will pat myself on the back…Good job Ann!  By the way, never underestimate your YOUnique self.  If I can learn something new, you definitely can too:)

If you like the monogram at the beginning of the video, thanks to Wedding Chicks on providing it to all Brides.  Feel free to click {here} for the free monogram.  You can visit their pretty website at www.Wedding Chicks.com.    I decided to start using free Wedding ideas to inspire you and share the resources.  You can also visit my Pinterest Board “Free Printables” to view more free links.  Please don’t hesitate to leave a kind comment on the Wedding Chicks website for sharing their time and talents:)

Thank you all for being patient and Part 2 will be coming out soon!  Enjoy!

Click {here} for the {THERESA} Beaded Floral Spray Pattern

2 thoughts on “{THERESA} Beaded Floral Hair Comb : DIY Tutorial Part1 of 2

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