Play & Dream

My husband Mr. T playing

Over the span of two weeks, each of my 3 children took turns getting sick, slowly spreading to my husband, and then to me.  I spent two days in bed trying to recover and couldn’t wait for a pretty day like yesterday to get out.  We gathered the family after Church and headed to the park.  We met up with more family and Mr. PV (who is basically family:) to “PLAY.”  It has been a long time since I got to play like a kid.  Lately, I have been taking life a little too seriously.  Trying to transition into the new home, getting organized with personal and work life, and keeping up with all the paperwork my children bring home from school (and trust me, there is a whole lot!).  Well, I deserve to play and it was sooo fun!

Maybe wedding planning is making you take life too seriously.  Maybe it’s work, or school, or even just life in general.  Time is too precious to be wasted on worries.  Just take a deep breath, take on a positive attitude, and go “PLAY”!

sketch book with logo

I even got to PLAY with wire and beads at the park:)

My children are off from school today.  It is a day to remember Martin Luther King.  So I invited my children to watch a short video on the man who made it into our history books.  A man who “had a DREAM”.  When I listen to his speech, I can’t help but experience the passion, love, and conviction that he had.  In his fairly short life, he knew he had a purpose to make this world a better place…and he did.  How many of us “have a DREAM?”…I think we all do.  But maybe it’s a “DREAM” to start a small business, to pick up a new hobby, to study harder, to have more quality family time, to make our home or community a better place.  Regardless of what your dreams may be – big or small (in my eyes they are all big:), live it with a passion, love, and conviction.  YOU have a purpose in this world to make it a better place because YOU have a DREAM!



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