Guest DIY Bride : SONYA W. from Stephens City, VA

engagement photo

photo courtesy of Julie Napear Photograpy, LLC

Greetings Everyone!

I just wanted to share some Wedding DIY projects from a very talented Bride-to-be, SONYA.  She is a new Facebook Friend and I was just amazed when she sent me photos of her accessories.  I know how much time and dedication it takes to make one custom fascinator or a custom sash so I knew she had put a lot of heart into her creations.  I asked if I could share her works and hope that it would inspire or help another Bride out there (cause she inspired me!)…so check it out!

I asked her a few questions and she replied graciously with an answer:)  So here is the Q&A…

Q:  What inspired you to DIY (do it yourself)?  SONYA:  I have always been a diyer. I grew up crafting with my mother and I used to be a craft director at a local horse camp where I helped every summer. One drive to diy a lot of my wedding decorations was to achieve the look I really wanted and to truly personalize it.  And it’s typically cheaper! My motto has always been “If you can make it, don’t buy it.”

Q: Which Youtique Bridal Tutorials did you use?  SONYA:  I used the Serena tutorial for most of my flowers and modified it for others. I attached the flowers to my wire floral stems by curling one end with pliers and sandwiching it between two pieces of felt and lots of hot glue, then glue the flower to the stem base.  (flower bouquet below)

flower bouquet revised

Q: How did you create the corset and monogram on your bouquet?  SONYA:  The corset/monogram feature of the bouquet is actually a separate bouquet wrap that I created to go over the ribbon handle. It is completely removable. To create it I cut a piece of 4 inch ribbon to the correct length and hemmed the sides to keep it from fraying. The corset loops are made with 1/8″ ribbon that I hot-glued in loops on each end. For the monogram, I wrote several D’s until I found one I was happy with. I then recreated it by hand-placing each gem one at a time onto the bouquet wrap. After that, I hand-placed the green gems to form the heart that interlocks with the D. It is hard to see in the pictures but on the back of the bouquet wrap is a line of clear gems down each edge. Lastly, I laced up my wrap with some of the ribbon I had left over from making my garters (1).

accessories revised

(1) These are the garters I made. The one on the top is the one I’ll be wearing; the other is my toss garter.

(2) The bottom of the bouquet was slightly more challenging as it was uneven. I cut a piece of cardstock to the size I needed and hot-glued it to the bottom. The “happily ever after” is a pendent I found at Hobby Lobby. I just removed the pendent piece and hot-glued it on, then glued crystal around the edges to create a finished look in case someone saw the bottom of my bouquet.

(3) This is one of the flower I’ll be putting on my blue sash. I plan to add two more but I’m not sure if I want to make them in the blue or the white yet.  Owls are my absolute favorite animal!! And I’ve been trying to find small ways to feature them and some lovebirds into the wedding details.  The flower center is one fine example of a small detail. It’s another pendent from Hobby Lobby that I removed the pendent loop from. I glued it to the center of my Serena flower that I will be adding to my sash.

(4) The earrings were my great-grandmother’s screw-back earrings. I, however, have gauged ears and can’t wear regular earrings so I removed the backing and bonded them to a plain pair of gauges so I can walk down the aisle with them. I’m debating adding a dangle feature to them as well but I have six more months to decide.

shoepillow revised

Q: How did you gem the shoes? SONYA: The shoes were gemmed one tiny gem at a time. I use Jolee’s Jewels 3mm flatback Swavorski crystal and glued them with “Create Your Style” crystal glue pen. (This glue pen has been my saving grace. I’m on pen number 3!)  They are a pair of Michael Antonios. I gemmed the white parts of the heel and the platform.

SONYA:  This is my ring bearer pillow. All handmade. The center flower is eight inches in diameter.

Q:  When is your wedding date and how far in advance did you start to insure that you will be complete by your wedding date? SONYA:  My wedding date is April 28th, 2013.  After I had so much fun making the first flower from the Serena tutorial (this was about mid-September) I started looking for other ways I could use these flowers in the wedding. I have just under six months and I can’t wait!  Now I just need to make my four bridesmaid bouquets, their sash accessories, headpieces, jewelry, and my flower girl headpiece and sash accessory….and I’ll be finished….until I find something else that I want to DIY.

Q:  What are your wedding colors? SONYA:  My wedding colors are turquoise and chartreuse but I’m also incorporating some black into the wedding.  The best part of all my diy projects is they will find a place in my home afterwards. My entire home is in shades of blues and greens. They’re my favorite colors to surround myself with and I find them rejuvenating and soul-soothing.

Q:  How did you meet your fiance?  SONYA:  My fiance’s name is James “JD” Dean. He’s absolutely amazing and has been very supportive of my dining room table craft takeover. To be completely honest I don’t remember how we met. I just remember instantly being close. We were best friends for many years and had actually lived together.  One day we kissed and it was like fireworks. I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else and he helps me understand why it’s never worked with any other person. He truly is my other half and my soul mate.

Thank you so much SONYA for sharing!  I wish you & JAMES a joyful journey to the alter.

Everyone, I hope this inspires YOU to create something EXTRAordinary:)

If you would like to be inspired by the SERENA Flower as well, please see the tutorial below:

To view projects from other guests, please visit my Pinterest Board “DIY Brides & Guests” by clicking {here}.

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