Happy Saturday! Free Damask Wrap Around Envelope Label

Greetings!   I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather we have been receiving lately.  I know I sure have:)  Also, if you have been following my blog, you may know that my Brother Phil and Carly’s wedding is around the corner.  Our families have been working diligently to make their dream wedding a reality.  We are so excited for their future together and my brother is one lucky guy…as Carly is one lucky girl:)

Well, as we try to divide the tasks to make life a little easier for the Bride and Groom, I had volunteered to help do the envelope labels for my darling parents since they are not computer savy:)  And plus, since we are Vietnamese, the guests for our family’s side needed accent marks for their names — something I wouldn’t expect Carly to figure out:)

As I started my online search for Free Damask Labels (their theme design), I came across a label I absolutely love courtesy of The Fussy Designer.  If you have a damask theme like Carly & Phil, you will find the labels helpful.  The template will allow you to print 4 labels for each adhesive sheet.

Damask Labels by The Fussy Designer

Light Blue Damask Envelope Wrap

Orange Damask Envelope Wrap

Purple Damask Envelope Wrap

Blue and Green Damask Envelop Wrap

Kelly green Damask Envelope Wrap

Brown Damask Envelope Wrap

Black Damask Envelope Wrap

As mentioned earlier, I did have to modify it since I needed to put accent marks.  Well, I hope you find this helpful.  Also, don’t forget to visit The Fussy Designer’s Website and leave a kind message for sharing her time and talents.

And if you are searching for more free printables, feel free to visit my Pinterest Board “Free Printables” by clicking {here}.  Curious about what to expect at your first Bridal Salon Visit?  In the video below, Carly shares her own experience.

Thank you for visiting and Happy Saturday!

4 thoughts on “Happy Saturday! Free Damask Wrap Around Envelope Label

  1. Cool, I didn’t know what envelope wraps were, didn’t know you could address invites this way, nice technique to add theme and color.

    • @Bellenza Wedding Bistro – those are wonderful ideas! I am planning the rehearsal dinner so I may have to try the “sleeve” wraps for bottles. Thank you for inspiring me and for visiting!

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