Hi! I’m back… : Couture Sewing School

Wow!  It has been awhile…well, so much has happened.  As announced, I was in the Couture Sewing School with Susan Khalje recently.  It was an amazing and intense experience.  I learned so much.  The majority of each student’s project were intricately sewn by hand.  You can see the intentional planning and sewing of the lace, silk or wool of each skirt, dress, or coat —- Amazing!  What made the experience even more memorable were the talented and silly ladies of the class.  They knew how to have fun, inspire, and motivate me and one another even when the tough gets going:)  And the tough really did get going.  My life has changed after this experience.  Here are glimpses of the class.

Susan Khalje.  Tina’s trim for the Classic French jacket

Cathy accurately measuring the placement for pinning. Preparing the stitching of the lace to the silk.

Claudia had to carefully plan and sew her silk fabric pattern in order to achieve this amazing layout

lace getting pinned onto Jamie’s silhouette. Being prepped for the intense hand stitching.

Fun and silly Barbara creating her vintage inspired dress

Achieving the perfect fit is important in couture. Eileen is getting her muslin fitted and pinned for her elegant black evening gown

The amazing tailoring of Theresa’s winter coat

Tina working on her beautiful Classic French jacket

you can see Ronnie’s careful hand basting from the underside of her skirt

Youthful Louise who taught me how to be adventurous again…She is 73 years young and working her Valentino fabric dress

Fun and fabulous Liz creating an outfit for her California event

As for me, I am working on a corset (since most wedding gowns are made with it or inspired by it).  I will share more on it soon as I come close to completing it.   Here it is in the muslin form…

the muslin fabric corset

Thank you for visiting!

If you would like to improve your sewing skills, I encourage you to take her online course “The Couture Dress” through Craftsy which is flexible to your schedule.

Online Sewing Class

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