Custom Design: Bow Tie + Matching Flower Brooch

Last week a special custom order was placed all the way from Florida.  Routinely, I try to get to know the “Guest” or the person I am designing for a little better.  Since this order was a gift, I asked “Apple” (a nickname I gave my client) to describe the person she was giving it too.  She mentioned that he was a humorous and down-to-earth Pediatric Doctor.  Not only did she describe the Doctor but she added a little comment about his lovely wife…that she would bake for all the residents on Christmas and take care of everyone.

Although the initial order was a bow tie for the Doctor, we could not resist but design for his caring wife a matching flower brooch.  So here is the custom {JEREMY} Bow Tie and the {CAMRYN} Flower Brooch.

Because this is for a Guest, I used a more formal Bow Tie strap rather than the elastic band used in the {JEREMY} Bow Tie tutorial.  Here are the steps to make the strap in detail:

With the {CAMRYN} Flower Brooch, I used the 100%cotton fabric as well as tulle for some fullness & structure.  I can actually see this being made for the Groomsmen and creating the matching flower for the Bridesmaids’ sashes…cute!  Here are the tutorials if you would like to create it yourself.  Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Custom Design: Bow Tie + Matching Flower Brooch

  1. thank you so much! You really took the time to prefect the bow tie, and the matching brooch! On top of that you brought meaning to a simple gift. Thank you for all the fabric pictures. You did a great job customizing the tie to match his personality and my stories. Dr. S and his wife love it! You really took this gift to another level.

    Julie + Danny

    • It was my pleasure Apple:) I love putting thought and meaning into everything I do…that is what makes life more meaningful. I really had a lot of fun and thank you so much for the opportunity.

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