Step 7: Making the Muslin {Custom Design Process}

What is a muslin?  It is a loosely-woven cotton fabric I use to create a mock wedding gown before actually cutting the Fashion Fabrics (the expensive fabrics).   The muslin is usually similar in weight and stretch of the actual Fashion Fabrics.  Once I sew the muslin gown, I test the fit of the gown on my Guest, work out the proportions, test out design ideas, and make the necessary alterations.  During the fittings, I make sure all this is perfected.

New techniques from the couture class:  cutting 1-1.5″ seam allowance, use large waxed tracing paper to transfer sewing lines and pattern information, thread trace (size 3-4) stitching lines to stabilize and transfer information to other side

Here is a sneak peak of a custom gown I am working on.  It is in the muslin stage.  There is an element of surprise to this gown so I am not able to reveal the full view until the Bride celebrates her nuptials.  The exciting thing (to me) about this process is that I am incorporating techniques I learned from my online class “The Couture Dress” with Susan Khalje.  Remember when I mentioned how impatient I was about my August Sewing Couture School in this {post}?  Well, I heard through my Sewing Fashionista meetings that Susan Khalje had a class available online…of course I registered for it right away.  If you would like to learn new techniques, improve your sewing skills, or even brush up on your sewing, I highly recommend it.  Feel free to check it out {here}.  I also found a BurdaStyle interview with Susan Khalje, you can read more about her {here}.

Fitting the muslin & marking the changes

June , July, August, and September has been and will be very busy months for me.  Several custom projects are being simultaneously orchestrated.  My Couture Sewing School is around the corner.  Appointments are lined up with possible new business ventures — a very exciting time I must say:)  So after my June {LANA} Clutch tutorial, it may be 2 to 4 months until you see a new tutorial.  However, I will keep you posted with all the exciting news.

Lately I have been contemplating about teaching advanced sewing tutorials for formal wear…maybe do wedding gown and formal wear pattern reviews…or even show you the steps I take to make a formal gown in detail.  My tutorials have been very basic and simple so the viewers can build the confidence, tap into their creativity, and just get inspired to start sewing.  Advanced sewing tutorials will take a lot more time and effort so I would like to know how you feel and think about it.  Feel free to leave a comment below or email me at

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