Yay! 1000+ Youtube Subscribers : Christian Dior-Making of a Couture Dress

Yay!  As of today, I have more than 1000+ (1007 to be exact:) Youtube Subscribers.  I just can’t believe I even have subscribers.  When I first started “actively” using my channel, I wanted to help Brides create something unique for their wedding day.  Now, I have young budding designers and business owners subscribing as well.  I never imagined it to be where it is today.  To some people 1000 subscribers may be nothing, but to me…it IS something:)  Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement.  From the bottom of my heart and from the depth of my soul…THANK YOU!!!!  I will be traveling to Seattle and Vancouver in July.  So to show my appreciation, I will be on a hunt for some beautiful treasures to give away from my journey.  Stay tuned for a give away in July or August.

For now, I leave you with this video “Creation of a gown” by Christian Dior.  It gave me chills watching this.  I hope you guys can appreciate the love, craftsmanship, time, and effort that goes into each custom couture gown.  There is always something dreamy, breathtaking, and just absolutely beautiful in the energy and efforts that go into ONE gown.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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