How to make the {CAMRYN} Fabric Flower : Joann Fabrics Class

I had a wonderful time teaching Menasha and Chelsea how to make the {CAMRYN} fabric flower this past week.  These talented ladies took my class at Joann Fabrics and Crafts so they can create something beautiful and unique in a classroom environment.  I am always amazed at the creativity within each person because there has never been two exactly the same {CAMRYN} flower.  Menasha used a beautiful sparkly purple organza fabric along with purple feathers…very formal and regal. Chelsea chose a fun spring organza fabric and both finished their flower with a beautiful rhinestone button.

These ladies were a lot fun to work with.  Menasha claimed she was not crafty and creative.  There was an intense moment when she was holding her breathe while designing her flower.  She admitted she was a little worried it would not turn out.  Well, I believed in her and had no doubt her flower was going to be beautiful and unique…just like her.  It turned out absolutely beautiful! See ARE crafty and creative:)

Chelsea’s {CAMRYN} Flower Fascinator with a birdcage veil

Well, good job ladies and it was a pleasure to meet you:)

If you would like to learn how to create the {CAMRYN} or other fabric flowers, click {here} for the tutorials.  You can also visit the Youtique Youtube Channel {here} for other (in my opinion) great tutorials:)
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