{CHRISTINE} DIY Rhinestone & Ruffled Headband: Lago Vista

My niece Christine modeling the headband

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend.  I had the opportunity to spend it in Lago Vista, TX with Mr. T’s (my husband) family.  I give great respect to my brother-in-law, HN, who tries to organize family getaways every other year.  Of course not everyone is able to make it but this is his way of keeping their LARGE family united and for their aging parents to see the grandchildren.  FYI, my husband is the youngest of 12 — I know!  That is a HUGE family!

Since, I got to spend a weekend somewhere peaceful, I thought I would share a glimpse of the tranquility with you.  I captured my balcony view while recording the tutorial.  It was fun so maybe I”ll start taking you guys with me on different adventures.  What do you think?  🙂  Well, I hope you enjoy the tutorial…

As mentioned in the previous post, here is the original headband created to match a Bridesmaid dress.

Rhinestone and Ruffled Headband

For this custom creation, I made use of the fabric available after alterations.  I sewed long fabric strips to create the ribbon.  Also, instead of hair pins, I used rhinestone earrings and removed the clip-ons with pliers.  These are just ways you can get creative and use beautiful things that inspire you.  Make it YOUnique!

Create a beautiful rhinestone accent by removing the clip-ons from an earring

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