Step 3: Finding a Designer/Seamstress {Custom Design Process}

Now that you have an inspiration board, tried on dressses, and decided you would like a custom wedding gown made-to-measure, the next question is “How do I find a Designer/Seamstress?”  Here are some ways:

1) Ask friends and family for referrals

2) Do a search online and look in the yellow pages

3) Sewing organization or sewing groups in your area

4) Fabric and textile shops

5) local college/school with a fashion program

6) costume department of the local theater

7) cast and patrons of a nearby renaissance festival

8) local Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) group

9) local corset maker

After finding a Designer, you should:

a) Write down some questions you want to ask

b) gather your sketches and pictures to show the Designer.  Organize them and label them clearly with changes you desire

c) Ask about policies: look at contracts, ask about turn around times, forms of payment, fitting schedules

d) Find out what the deposit is and when it is due 

e) Take a look at their portfolio

f) Ask how the custom process works:  ask about the fittings and how they will be scheduled and when, ask when the gown will be finished. All this should be on the work agreement once you choose someone.  

g) The Designer may not be able to quote you a price on the initial visit. Most will need time to carefully research fabrics/embellishments, calculate the materials and the time it would take. Every Designer runs their business differently so read the pricing policy before signing the contract.

h) If you find a wedding dressmaker who meets your expectations then find out what the next steps would be to get into her schedule

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