{LIAM} DIY Mini Bridal Top Hat: Flowers for Wendy

Several weeks ago, my friend Jen D. shared a blog post from Wendy’s Lookbook.  Some of you may know Wendy through her viral video, 25 Ways to wear a scarf,  or you may remember me briefly mentioning her in an {old post}.   I do not know her personally but Wendy would be someone I would like to meet one day.  Not only because of her fashion sense but because of her story.

I first subscribed to her vlog when I read “Thankful: Foster Care & Universities.”  Wendy shared her experience in the foster care system and how she was thankful to be “ALIVE.” — “Wow”  was all I thought of after reading her story and wiping away heartfelt tears.  In the past, I worked with the Youth in my community so this only tugged more at my heart.  So…I am dedicating this tutorial to Wendy and all the Precious.  May it represent my prayers to you and all those faced with some tough times.

Here is my Daisy Love – Remember, you are PRECIOUS & EXTRAordinary!

If you have a chance, send her and those in the foster care system some Daisy Love.  Visit and leave a comment on Wendy’s blog at:  “Flowers for Precious: Blue denim & Daisy Love” 

Feel free to check out Wendy’s Lookbook for great fashion inspiration or read my favorite posts from her below:

Story 1:   Thankful: Foster Care & Universities

Story 2: Flowers for Precious: Blue denim & Daisy Love 

Remember, you are PRECIOUS and EXTRAordinary:)

Love, Ann

LIAM Cutting Patterns:

{LIAM} Mini Bridal Top hat Pattern Page1/2
{LIAM} Mini Bridal Top Hat Pattern Page2/2

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