Step 2: Trying on Gowns {Custom Design Process}

At this stage, I believe it is important to learn your body type and what gowns would look best on you.  I highly encourage this step…try it on🙂  Try on the different silhouettes to get a better visual on what will flatter your body and go with your personality.  Sometimes you will be surprised once the gown is on.

During this step, you may find the perfect dress of your dreams.  Congratulations!  You can now check this off and move on to the next task on your wedding ‘to do’ list.

However, if you are the Bride who tried on several gowns and realize you like the bodice details on one dress but the skirt of another or the lace of this dress but the neckline of the other one…ask the consultants what they have available.  If the selection is limited, you may want to consider the Custom Design Process.

As I mentioned in an earlier post (Step 1: Get Inspired), I will document Carly’s journey of finding the perfect dress.  Here she is trying on the different gowns:

When Carly tried on the gowns, many were absolutely beautiful on her.  However, for her taste and personality, some dresses had too many details and others did not have enough.  She did find a dress she liked but it wasn’t EVERYTHING she wanted.  So stay tuned for a vlog on what she decides to do.

Here are the different body types as defined by The Knot:


You have a big chest, big hips, and a thin waist (that is, curves in all the right places).

  • Wedding Dress Dos: An A-line wedding dress with a dropped waist will show off your figure; pair it with a sweetheart neckline to show off your chest. Or for something a little more curvaceous, try a fit-and-flare gown like a mermaid or trumpet style
  • Wedding Dress Don’ts: A ball gown or Empire-waist silhouette may make you look disproportioned.

Short Waist

Your body is naturally proportioned, except for the small distance from your ribs to your hips.

  • Wedding Dress Dos: A Princess-line silhouette — fitted at the bodice and opening up gradually to a full skirt — elegantly elongates your figure; if you love your shoulders, try a portrait or halter neckline. A slightly dropped-waist gown will also lengthen your torso.
  • Wedding Dress Don’ts: A sheath will make your short waist more obvious.

Thick Waist

Same as above, but instead of a short waist, yours is undefined: The line from your shoulders to your hips is straight.

  • Wedding Dress Dos: An Empire-waist wedding dress will deemphasize your waistline and give you a long, lean look.
  • Wedding Dress Don’ts: A Princess-line or basque waist will draw too much attention to your middle.

Full Figure

More voluptuous than most, you’ve got full breasts, a bit of a tummy, and round hips and butt.

  • Wedding Dress Dos: A ball gown wedding dress will hide quite a bit, and an A-line silhouette looks great on everyone.
  • Wedding Dress Don’ts: A sheath will make you look heavier than you are; avoid spaghetti straps.

Pear Shape

Just like the fruit, you’re small on top and heavy on the bottom.

  • Wedding Dress Dos: A basque waist or strapless ball gown will cover your bottom half and put the focus on your better half; an Empire dress will hug the tiniest part of your body and disguise your lower half.
  • Wedding Dress Don’ts: A sheath, frankly, will be unflattering. A trumpet- or mermaid-style gown will draw attention to your bottom.


Short or tall, there’s not a whole lot of meat on your bones. You boast that certain kind of ballerina beauty.

  • Wedding Dress Dos: A ball gown will make you look like a fairy-tale princess, and a sheath would be perfect for you.
  • Wedding Dress Don’ts: Almost all silhouettes will flatter your figure, but stay away from portrait, off-the-shoulder, or halter necklines if your collarbone is too bony.


You’re probably not the star of the basketball team — you’ve got a tiny frame.

  • Wedding Dress Dos: It’s best to keep it simple — when you’re small, a big, elaborate gown can sometimes look as if it’s wearing you rather than the other way around. A sheath or A-line dress will work well.
  • Wedding Dress Don’ts: Almost all silhouettes will flatter your figure, though a big ball gown may overwhelm.

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STEP 1:  Get Inspired

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