Wedding Gown Restyle: JENNIFER+JESSE=Leah Grace

JENNIFER+JESSE, photo courtesy of Bao Loi

I never thought that being a Creative Designer would allow me to witness Life in Full Circle.  As I write this post, I feel so blessed to witness a person grow into a beautiful lady and find her knight in shining armor.  Because of their marriage and love, a new baby girl will be joining the world in a couple of weeks…maybe Leah Grace will come on their 1 year Anniversary:)

I had the opportunity to create Jennifer’s prom dress almost 15 years ago (wow, how time flies!) and when she got married in February 2011, I collaborated with Designer Miguel Rodriguez to restyle her gown.  In a blink of an eye, I had watched a young teen wear a prom dress to a beautiful young lady wear her Wedding Gown.  My eyes are tearing up as I write this because this is all truly a beautiful miracle…to watch a teen grow into a beautiful young lady and now become a mom.  Wow!  Life is amazing:)

Happy Anniversary & Congratulations Jennifer and Jesse!  I continue to wish you the best in life.  God bless.

Although I was not able to make it to the baby shower, Leah Grace will be receiving a couple of handmade hair clips.  I hope she will like it:)

{flowers created using the SERENA fabric flower technique}

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