A very proud teacher {Family & DIY Flowers}

A couple of weeks ago, my little cousin Michael (okay…he’s not so little anymore) was asked to attend a winter formal.  He approached me and asked if I could make the corsage for his date.  Where had the time gone?  I use to babysit this kid and now he’s in college going to winter formals with a date?!  Haha…yes, I’m getting a little older each year:)  Anyway, we agreed that he would make the flowers and I would put the design together.  So look what Michael made….

CAMRYN & SERENA Fabric flowers accented with rhinestones & feathers

Michael used the CAMRYN tutorial & the SERENA flower technique to create a beautiful corsage.

Michael making the corsage flowers

Great job Michael!!!

Also back in early December, my Aunt Kimmie  from California was put in charge of the Bridal hair accessories for Uncle Vince’s Wedding.  She was assigned the task at the last minute.  Not only did she have to complete this task, she had to host family and friends from out of town (including me), pick up people from the airport (including me), decorate the living room for the morning ceremony, help transport some of the Church decor, be a mother to 3 young children, and I’m sure she had a long list of ToDo’s.  By nature, she is loving, nurturing & humble person…just a few beautiful things I admire about her.  So when she contacted me, I was excited to help in any way.

As soon as we landed in California, she picked us up and we reunited with some of the other family members.   After eating & some catching up, we headed out to the fabric store to get materials.  I was going to be the teacher and she the student.

Aunt Kimmie making the CAMRYN

She learned how to create the CAMRYN fabric flower.  I am so grateful for this time.  It is always nice to have quality time with Aunt Kimmie since I only get to see her once every 3 years or sometimes even longer.  And plus, we have such a large extended family that it can be hard to have one on one time with people.  Well, check out what she made….beautiful job Aunt Kimmie!

I am very proud to be related to these people.  Even though I may not get to see them often, I love them dearly.  Also, they made a very proud teacher out of me:)…beautiful work Aunt Kimmie & Michael!

If you would like to learn how to make the CAMRYN flower, here is the tutorial:

CAMRYN Flower Pattern:

Click to access fabric-flower-pattern.pdf

And here is the SERENA fower:

SERENA Flower Pattern:

Click to access serena-fabric-flower-page-1.pdf

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2 thoughts on “A very proud teacher {Family & DIY Flowers}

  1. Thank you so much! What a great experience that was to share with you Uyen (Ann). You are the sweetest – and so beautiful inside and out. It the short time we spent together I learned so much from you – in so many aspects. I am proud to call you my family and now my teacher! 🙂

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