New York = Heaven

I just love the catchy chorus to the song Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z & Alicia Keys.  In the past, I would sing to it but wasn’t able to relate, but now….”there’s nothing I can’t do…big lights will inspire you…in New York…”

I had the opportunity to spend my Thanksgiving weekend in the Big Apple.  This time around, I am a wife and a mother.  A totally different person from who I was 13 years ago when I first went.  I gained a new appreciation for the possibilities and opportunities life has to offer on this trip.  I am blessed to live my dream as a Creative Designer, but to be in a city where fashion options are endless & inspiration is everywhere…well, I am speechless and in awe.

As most of you may know, Houston has only a few fabric stores.  Some are hidden gems like Sew Much Fabric.  Having this opportunity to visit New York City again opened my eyes to a whole new world that is like…Heaven.  The energy of the city made me giddy and I felt like a little girl.

Here is a little glimpse of my journey to New York…..

Garment District

Got ready in my comfy clothes & boots and caught a cab…I was prepared for the Garment District:)

Mood Fabrics

My nephew NN joined me on this adventure.  We made it to Mood which was popularized by Project Runway.

Mood Fabrics – Just doing my research:)

B&J Fabrics…a little overly excited!

B&J Fabrics – Hand Beaded Rhinestone Fabric

This was a BEAUTIFUL fabric.  You have to see it in person.  I could see a luxurious wedding gown made with this fabric.  Check out the price tag…the most expensive fabric I have yet to hold.

Hai’s Trim Store

This was just one of the many trim stores along one block.  I was baffled how similar trim stores were right next door to each other.

M&J Trimmings…a little kid in the candy store:)

M&J Trimmings Bridal Salon

I made a discovery that M&J Trimmings had a bridal salon.  As the Bridal Fashion fanatic that I am, I had to check it out and get inspired.

We caught a cab to the Vera Wang Flagship Salon on Madison.  You had to ring a doorbell to enter the simple elegantly designed salon.  As I was trying to take a peek inside the salon, the sweet receptionist allowed us in.  Silly ‘ol me asked with anticipation if I could check out Vera’s collection and be inspired by her gowns.  I was also hoping to catch a glimpse of one of my favorite designers.  No luck.  The receptionist sweetly replied, “Sorry, it is only by appointment.”  Understandable, cause that is how I see my beautiful guests.  I am no Vera Wang, but I am Ann Ngo.

Lovelies, I just want to leave you with this message.  DREAMS DO COME TRUE.  Don’t be afraid to work hard and make them a reality.  Persevere and do not compromise your values and morals.  Have faith & believe in yourself!


p.s. I am working on my very first Vlog.  Visit me sometime next week for an opportunity at some give aways.

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