Happy Anniversary, Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Give-Away(TBA)!

November is a very special month for me.  Exactly seven years ago today I married a very special man, Mr. T.  He is a talented, handsome and an extremely corny fellow— that’s why I love him:)  He has brought me many tears and laughter, sorrow and joy, good and bad times, but most important of all – he gave me three beautiful children and infinite unconditional love and support.  So…Happy Anniversary Honey!

November 2011 is also the one year anniversary of my very first Youtube Video, the Birdcage Wedding Veil Headband.  Last year, my husband got me a new computer and since I was designing the Birdcage Wedding Veil for my anniversary, I thought I would learn the imovie program just for fun.  Not thinking much of it, I posted the tutorial on Youtube and did not return to my Channel.  Throughout the year, I did a few bustle tutorials for my Bridal guests and never paid attention to the number of views or subscribers.  Well, in September 2011, I received an email with an opportunity through Youtube.  I briefly shared the proposed venture with my husband and did not think much of that either:)  Not long after, my husband, without my knowledge, checked out my channel and said to me, “You have about 10,000 hits on your tutorial.”  I was like…WHAT!?!?!?!  Really, I thought he was joking and there was no possible way there could have been more than 5 hits by accident.  But I checked, and there were well over 10,000 hits on my Birdcage Wedding Veil Headband tutorial.  Here it is in all its amateur glory:)…

After experiencing this, I realized the eagerness from Brides to learn and DIY (do-it-yourself).  With my passion for teaching, I started to teach Bridal Accessory Classes at Joann Fabrics and would do online tutorials for the Brides, thus, DIY Wedding Gowns was conceived.  It is geared towards teaching beginner sewers creative techniques on how they can construct their very own gown and accessories.  Through this, I hope that people can grow an appreciation for the art of design, sewing and just being creative.  So…Happy Anniversary to the Youtique Bridal Youtube Channel!

Also, November is my favorite month.  It is a time to be grateful for all the things I have been blessed with.  I am going to New York for Thanksgiving and will be returning with gifts to give away.  To thank everyone who reads my blogs, watch my videos, and have subscribed to me, I will be hosting a give away the last week of November or first week of December.  There will be one (1) very happy winner.  So, stay tuned, I will be posting a short video to start off the give away…..until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

12 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Give-Away(TBA)!

  1. Tan is so fortunate to have such a humble wife! It takes guts and unguarded love for a woman to post this for her husband. You inspire me everyday Ann…really.

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