Custom Bridal Handbag {Dr. JV}

Jerri & Al – Love Tree

“Surprise me.”  That’s exactly what Dr. JV said when she requested for a custom bridal handbag.  Hearing these words are very exciting for someone like me who just loves to surprise people.  With the freedom to design and create something unique, I wanted the handbag to be a beautiful personalized accessory.  It would be used for the gift envelopes when they greet each table  (A Vietnamese Wedding Tradition to welcome and thank family and friends) and to also be used as a keepsake.  After the wedding, she can preserve her guest book, wedding cards, letters, and jewelry all in her bridal handbag.

Owl Theme inspired the Custom Bridal Handbag

The design: The Bride Owl is wearing a lace gown and hair fascinator to match the Bride’s wedding attire.  Gems and rhinestones are used to accent the eyes and hair accessory.  All the intricate details were hand cut & hand sewn to create this personalized bridal handbag.

Jerri & Al – Love Tree


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