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{ISSARA} Ruffle Neckline Accessory – One Accessory, Multiple Styles

Okay Ladies…do you want different style options in one accessory?  Well, here it is.  The {ISSARA} Ruffle neckline accessory is something fun and will give you multiple looks in one piece.  I can see this worn at a casual destination wedding where you use one style to the ceremony and another to the reception.  Need to cover up a strapless dress?  Put it over your shoulders.  Are you ready to party?  Slide one side under your arm and party it up.  Have fun with it!

I can also see this being made for the Bridesmaids.  They can each accessorize with it and all wear it differently.

Starting with this video, I will be introducing the option to learn more advanced sewing techniques.  Well, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much I did designing the concept.  Thank you for visiting!

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2 comments on “{ISSARA} Ruffle Neckline Accessory – One Accessory, Multiple Styles

  1. Zaza Koopmans Jaafar
    April 11, 2012

    OMG!!! Thanks for the tutorial…I am gonna try it!!!

    Love from Malaysia,

    • Ann
      April 11, 2012

      Greetings Zaza! Thank you for visiting all the way from Malaysia:) Please feel free to share what you create. I would love to see it!

      Kind regards,

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